Annual Petroleum Collectors Convention
August, Des Moines, Iowa

Please read these meet rules before filling out the Registration Form
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We believe that an event functions best with the least amount of restrictions,
however there are some rules for this event we ask you to follow:

Iowa Gas clockface gas pump

1. We ask your cooperation in not selling or displaying merchandise prior to dawn. Wednesday. Iowa Gas is a Wednesday and Thursday swap meet.
2. Vendors will have preference for rooms at the Holiday Inn.
3. PARKING: The city of Des Moines will ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles.
4. Vendors please visit the registration area for check in and space assignment before entering the swap meet area.
5. Please do not park your vehicle(s) in any vending space you are not assigned.
6. Two or more vendors may share one swap space, but each must pay the convention registration fee of $25.
7. Please clean up your swap area before you leave. A dumpster is available for trash disposal.
8. Please secure your items at the close of each day. Iowa Gas will not resume any responsibility for items lost or stolen.
9. Cancellation or Refund: Registration fee of $25 is nonrefundable. If written cancellation notice postmarked by May 1st is received, a 100% refund of other fees will be made. After June 1st, a 50% refund will be made.
10. Local fire ordinance requires an approved fire extinguisher if you use a tent or canopy in your space.

 I agree to the above rules, show me the registration form!
Registration Form

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